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  The Association of Collection Businesses of Ukraine was founded in December 2008

  History of foundation
  The idea of creating a professional collection business association in Ukraine appeared at the beginning of 2008. That was the period of active market growth and excess demand for the services of collective companies among the financial and credit institutions.

  In May 2008,there were held negotiations between the major players of the market concerning the necessity to consolidate and to create a specialized Association. As consequence, 5 collection structures signed the Memorandum of Cooperation in October 2008. Those were: European Agency for Debt Recovery, Credit Collection Group, UkrDebt, Verdict. In December 2008,the cofounders of the Association composed the Articles of ACBU, spelled out and approved the Collector’s Code of Ethics, as well as operation plan of the organization. At the end of 2008,the Articles were submitted for registration to the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine (registration certificate No. 3063).

  At the beginning of 2009,4 collection companies lodged applications for entering the ACBU, but only one of them – Ukrainian Collection Group – corresponded to all the requirements of the Articles, internal rules and regulations of the Association. 

As for beginning of 2015 in ACBU there are 10 companies.

ACBU is an open public organization, which is ready for cooperation with all collection structures, corresponding to high standards of quality and ethical business practices.